Amy Beth (Nason) Rego (born 1978)

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Born April 4, 1978
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Location Paget, Bermdua County, Bermuda

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Father: Alvah Wilbur Nason
Mother: Carole (Macere) Nason
Siblings: Mark Nason and Carolyn Alva Nason


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High School: Minuteman Tech, Lexington, MA, USA
College: Massachusetts Bay Community College 1998-2000
College: Lancaster Bible College: 2013-2015


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Last Known Residence

34 White Sands Road, Paget, Bermdua County, Bermuda

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February 27, 2015 4:14 pm

Family History

Amy Beth (Nason) Rego (born 1978) was born on April 4, 1978. She was born into the Nason family and married into the Rego family.

She was born to Alvah Wilbur Nason and Carole (Macere) Nason, and has 2 known siblings: Mark Nason, Carolyn Alva Nason.

Amy Beth (Nason) Rego's last known residence is at Sagres, 34 White Sands Road, Paget, Bermdua County, Bermuda.

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