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Nicole Coffey I lived in the home of my grandparents (including her) and she told me many many stories. She grew up in Norway..had nine brothers and sisters and they would play soccer as she washed their clothes all day and cooked and cleaned. She was the first person to touch me when I was a little baby. She would tickle my feet and say cool Koop cooooo! Oh she was so much fun. She loved costume jewerly, dressing up and the color yellow. She also loved the sun. She developed skin cancer many times. Some of which turned into melanoma. It didn't kill her though, oh no she loved the sun. Sneaking outside with or without her rocker. I can still remember her last years. She was a strong woman who had her own opinion. She still pushed to do the dishes as she had burnt toast with yards burg cheese. White wine she [external link] really relaxed her. She would at times when no one was around to pour her big jug of [external link] it herself. I mean she was a hundred. She had a wonderful smile and laugh. Laughing she would slap her knee or pat the chair. It made me laugh. I don't think I ever told anyone how often we laughed. We laughed together about anythinggg. I would paint her nails and file them. She had a strong set of nails. I could go on forever with stories. One time I was outside as a teenager and she came outside chasing me in her drawers. I mean her britches literally. Britches. The kind you see in the 1900's. She had her ways and I never understood when I was younger "being set in them".. I know now. Oh she was a glamorous fine woman until the day she died. I'll neve forgot her praying to god one summer. Asking for The Lord to take her. She begged him one night crying. I would always peak in her room, I found it interesting when she would talk to herself. That night I had to check on her..and as soon as I looked in she was sound asleep! She was fine though..she didn't die until years later. I'm pretty sure she got to meet all of her grandchildren :)
Aug 14, 2013 · Reply

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