100 Years: Jerusalem Cemetery*

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The community, church and cemetery were established in 1906, near Washington and Cole, in McClain Co., OK.

The earliest grave is that of Greta Walker, with the date of burial marked, October 13,1910. The small cemetery carries a history of the community and its beginnings, with family names such as Walker, Goff, Eason, Bradford, Barnett, Smith, Daniels, Gentry, Holloway, and one marked “Stranger from Washington”.

At the entrance of the cemetery, a marker honors veterans of Washington and inside the fenced area, another monument lists the name and date. In the park area, a seedling has now grown into a small tree. That seedling, presented to the Jerusalem community, was transplanted from the Murrah Building location in Oklahoma City after the April 19, 1995 bombing.

*Article material courtesy of:
Susie Williams-Allen; THE PURCELL REGISTER, Thursday, July 27,2006, a weekly publication, Purcell, McClain Co., OK.
at Jerulsalem Cemetery, Washington, McClain Co., OK USA


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