1244 Service Unit Radio School -WWII

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This photo belonged to my father-in-law who is now dead.
Most of the photos he had just have a last name. They were in
the 1052nd Signal Aviation Company. They were in
England in 1943, France in 1944, & in Belgium in 1945.
Some of the names are Tolbert Neibich, Sarich, George
M. Parker, George G. Lewis, Edward E. Sheerer, Richard
Ramsbey, H. Worm, Donis Taylor, J. Costello, Purdy,
Gleason, V. Gogisian or Gagosian, Bleiler, Fred
Bedross, Kline, Captain Reich, I. W. Craig, Bernard
Kastner, Howard, Purdy, Reich, Blair

This his Service Unit(Photo Caption)

Men of the 1244 Service Unit Group 13 at the Y. M. C. A. Newark, New Jersey. Graduated 7 May 1943 from the United States Radio-Television Institute Inc. 96-106 Halsey Street.
at YMCA Gym, Newark, New Jersey USA


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