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Photo found at antique market with very large pile of photos from one location. Vendor stated they were left in attic of old home. A few names noted BUSH and SWINK or SWANK (something like that. Most of the photos were not identified and ranged from very early to 1950's. The reference was noted on many as WESTON, WV

Mystery: Unknown Black woman possibly from Weston WV - names of related white familes could be SWINK/SWANK, and BUSH.


Sarah Smoot This lady looks alot like my grandfather's great grandmother. His last name was Fuller. Shes was a Native American and Im not too sure where she was from. She does resemble her though.
May 12, 2003 · Reply
VirginiaCarr Martinez Bush/Busch were found in early Randolph/Tucker area 1800's. Swank from that area also. Both found in IL 1820's.
Believe Leonard Bush was one of the early settlers, involved with the Baptish Brethren Church. Other names Mallow, Peck, Shobe, Hire, Carr.
Apr 20, 2005 · Reply
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