3 Cherubs Tong family photo
Doxie SheckelsCruz

3 Cherubs

These little girls all need names! Photo is from my Grandmother's collection. Surnames include Tong, Leach, Warran, and Ballinger. Family lived in Indiana and Ohio....Tongs also lived Long Beach California. Please help!

The Mystery

These little girls are so precious, I wish I knew who they were? This pic is from the album of Alvernia Estella Ballinger-Tong, who later passed it on to Viola Jenna Tong.
I have Two more shots of these same girls if you need to look some more, they are called: Little Darling, Pretty_Little_Four, and pretty_four_2. I believe the little girl on the left is shown in another picture with her parents; called Family_Picture. Back of that picture refers to her name or nickname being Al? Help!

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How beautiful. They look like Dolls. Hope you find out their names.
May 26, 2007 2:23 pm reply
Photo taken at Indiana USA on