3 Children of Prissa A VARY and Solon M HAZEN

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Left to Right: Anna Belle Hazen b. 4 Feb 1866 in Watertown, N.Y., married James Shields on 20 Dec. 1887 in Blue Springs, Nebraska, d. 19 May 1926, Wymore, Nebraska; Clarence Virgil Hazen b. 26 Dec 1873 Blue Springs, Nebraska, d. 10 Oct 1880 in Blue Springs Nebraska; Helen Matilda (Nellie) Hazen b. 13 Oct 1864 in Denmark, N.Y., married James O. Deland on 21 Dec 1885 in Blue Springs, Nebraska, d. 15 May 1947.
Father: Solon Murat HAZEN 1829-1900; Mother: Prissa A VARY 1837-1901
in USA


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