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Sarah Jane Thrasher Woodward (1823-1909) her daughter Emmaline Woodward Kendall (1842-1923) Emmaline's daughter in law Virginia Blakemore Kendall (1871-1947) and Corrine Kendall Chaplow (1894-1968).
I am actually looking for any descendants of Sarah Thrasher Woodward and James Miller Woodward ( 1812-1864). Sarah and James married in Cincinnati Ohio in 1840 give or take a year. The first two children were my great grand mother Emmaline and her sister Amanda Woodward Meyers. There were 5 more children probably all born in Cincinnati Ohio between 1845-1865. Sarah Jane died in Vernon Indiana at one of her sons homes in 1909. Please contact Mary Jane Petersen @ [contact link]
in USA


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