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Here is the family story of this photo. William Fielder and Angelina Honts were married in Knoxville, Knox Co., IL on 18 Mar 1861. They had eight children--George Bryon (1864); Fannie Lewella (1866*); Charles Stanton (1869*); Lee Roy (1871*); Emma Celinda (1874*); Lawrence Jackson (1876); Leonard E. (1878); and Louis Herbert (1884*). On their 40th Wedding annivsary in March of 1901, they had the photo taken and a framed photo was given to each of their living (*) children. There are only two known copies left. One a copy owned by the descendants of Ruth (Fielder) Essex (daughter of Charles Stanton Fielder), and the other an orginial given by Robert Fielder (grandson of Lee Roy Fielder), given upon his death to descendants of his cousin Burness Fielder.
The orginial of the copy owned by Ruth (Fielder) Essex, was borrowed by a Emma Celinda (Fielder) Fitton, descandant and never returned only the copy, they said they wanted to make (shame on some relatives. This hurt Aunt Ruth deeply.)
in Washington, Kansas USA


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