8th Air Force 323rd BG B-17 Blue Dreams Crew Beilecky family photo
David Weise

8th Air Force 323rd BG B-17 Blue Dreams Crew

From some of my Fathers war photos. Will be posting others. Not really sure who anyone is in this photo. First airman on the left kneeling looks like another photo I have of someone named "Joe Bielecky", who probaly served with my father, Capt. William Weise. Contact me if you would like a free copy. [contact link] ... show more

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Jared Dowling The man with the darker pants on in the front row is my grandfather, Manny Fisher. He was a navigator on the Blue Dreams with their original crew that flew all 25 missions, including the very first bomb run over Berlin, Germany.
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Photo taken at Bassingbourne, England United Kingdom on
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