A. I. Heath, TN 1920 Heath family photo
Alan Heath

A. I. Heath, TN 1920

A. I. Heath, the old Reb, in his dotage, Tennessee 1920: A. I. Heath, now blind and deaf, sat in his north Sumner County, TN, garden with his wife Patsy and his dog, for this photo. He had been a blacksmith, Confederate munitions maker, and Confederate soldier. He and his boys also traveled the country making music for dances and shindigs; he was a mean fiddler, and his old instrument can now be seen in Trousdale House, Gallatin TN. A. I. died in 1922. ... show more

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Photo taken at Oak Grove between Portland and Westmoreland, Sumner County, Tennessee USA
A. I. Heath, TN 1920

A. I. Heath

Born: 1840 in TN , USA
Died: 1922 (age 82) in TN , USA
Also in this photo: A. I. Heath at 80 years old