Aaron Ward Town and Horace Leslie Town?

Photo Details

This tin-type photo appears in a portrait album possessed by a descendant of Aaron Ward Town (1854-1933) and Amanda Gustafva Eriksson (1874-1948) of Arkwright, Chautauqua county, NY. The man standing is thought to be Aaron based on comparison with photos taken 20 or more years later. The July 5, 1877 entry of Aaron's 1877 diary says that he and his brother Leslie (Horace Leslie Town, 1859-1922) and their 'ladies' went "...to the Photographers Gallery and got our pictures taken in a group..." in Buffalo, NY. Leslie was dating his future wife Eva A. Palmer (1863-?), whom he married in 1879, which is consistent with the apparent age of the young woman on the left. The other woman would be Parthenia (Tena) Jay (1856-?) of Villenova, Chautauqua county, NY (daughter of Joshua T. Jay and Catherine Gordinier) whom Aaron married 28 Nov 1877. Although that marriage was short lived, they had one child, Katherine B Town (1878-1946). This is our best guess as to the identities of the people in this photo.
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