Abigail Ilsley Short, MA Short family photo
Laurie Short - Jarvis

Abigail Ilsley Short, MA

Abigail Ilsley Short was the daughter or Moses Short and Abigail Ilsley of Newbury, MA She lived 1830-1903. Her father was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. She and her sister Ruth became school teachers in Newburyport and never married. They lived in the Short House on the corner of Rolfe's Lane and High Rd in Newbury their whole lives. ... show more

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Photo taken at Newburyport Kelly School Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts USA on
Abigail Ilsley Short, MA

Abigail Stiles Short

Born: Dec 13, 1830 in Newbury, MA
Died: Sep 1, 1903 (age 72) in Newbury, MA
Also in this photo: Abigail Stiles Short at 80 years old