Adam H Agueros Agueros family photo
Lovey Agueros

Adam H Agueros

A photo of Adam H Agueros,,,i remember when my dad took this pic it was on march 26 on my 18 bday at my tias house he was so happy cuz he was able to be there for my bday i love u so much i wish i can just hold u one more time an tell u face to face i love u :{

About Adam H Agueros

My tito Adam was a funny man always picking on us kids when we were younger telling us he was going to stick us in the freezer if we didnt listen:-) he was like a dad to me n I miss every day he did soo much for me n always protected me growing up I loved him so much n still losing my tio was so hard but I know that he is no longer suffering and he's in a better place. Love you tito R.I.P. ...more info

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