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African American man wearing fraternal order collar and apron] / A.C. Golsh, 411 Main St., opp. Pico House, Los Angeles, Cal.

Photograph shows a full length portrait of an African American man wearing a fraternal order collar and apron. His collar is embroidered with a three links symbol on the left and stars on each side, he holds a sword in his left hand.

Part of the U.S. Library of Congress's Photographs, prints, and ephemera from the Gladstone collection.

Golsh, A. C., photographer
  • Cabinet photographs--1890-1900.
  • Portrait photographs--1890-1900.
  • 1 photographic print on cabinet card ; 16.5 x 11 cm.
  • Title devised by Library staff.
  • Gladstone's inventory code and notes: M152; black man with fraternal order garb.
  • "Negro lodge member" inscribed in pencil on the back of the mount.
  • "Plaza Photograph Gallery, the imperial [g]allery of Southern California" and text describing its services is printed on the back of the mount.
  • Some text on the front of the mount is illegilbe due to staining.
  • Purchase; William A. Gladstone; 1995; (DLC/PP-1995:113.320).
  • General information about the Gladstone collection is available at,


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