African - American Man with Guitar

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This is a fragment of 8x10 photo showing an African-American man with a guitar, possibly from the 1930s. There was another fragment, now lost, of a Caucasian man wearing an old-style baseball cap, possibly with logo. He was holding a banjo or ukulele. Because it was 8x10, I suspect this might have been a publicity photo, and that this duo may have been professional musicians, or aspiring professionals. Background shows stacked cord wood and an apple tree, possibly rural or non-urban setting. The white fellow, as I remember, was early 20s in age, fair-skinned, possibly red-head, with pointed chin.

Mystery: Who is this fellow?
in USA


Lawrence Corbett It's possible that this man might be Native-American or Pacific Islander or Central/South American/Cuban. He is dark-skinned, with straight hair.
Feb 19, 2012 · Reply
Inga Brown The man in the picture is a common image of black Americans of mixed descent. 80% percent of Black Americans are of mixed descent, as that is not so hard to believe being that they have been here for 300 years or more. Blacks in Cuban are more pure of African descent so to think that this very Southern Black American man is from anywhere but in the United States, says alot about the white people that do not know the history of blacks in America. Like the other places where the slave trade exist like Cuba and Brazil, Puerto Rico and Columbia, Blacks were forced to mix sexually and forced to birth many children that were half white. Many Blacks are also mixed with Native American in the United States. The comment that this man may be anything different than a African American, is along the lines of ignorance or racism. The fact that the person did not know enough about the Blacks of this country shows in his/ her statement and they must of not known African Americans like Lena Horn or Duke Ellington, amongst so many others. What does a African American really look like? They are mixed with the white slave masters and the Native Indian. The picture above would be a classic view of many African American descents of slavery . Many a grand parent.
The guitar and the banjo are historically African American instruments as well.
Sep 24, 2012 · Reply
William Craig An observation....he looks more native american or Hispanic(Native American and Spanish mix)than African American.....seeing lots of native americans,hispanics and mixed african americans in my live brings me to this conclusion.....not african american.
May 16, 2013 · Reply
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