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Pilot Officer Alan Gillespie, DFM, joined the RAF in 1940 and trained as a bomb aimer, in the UK and in Canada. His first combat assignment was with 61 Squadron, a Lancaster unit in Bomber Command. After completion of his tour - he had well over 30 ops to his credit - , he was promoted from Flight Sergeant to Pilot Officer and was assigned to 617 Squadron for Operation Chastise, the famous raid on the Ruhr dams. On May 16, 1943, as the Lancasters assigned to the mission penetrated into German territory, the Lancaster Pilot Officer Gillespie was assigned to, AJ-E, flown by Flight Lieutenant Norman Barlow, struck a high voltage pylon and was destroyed with the loss of the crew. Gillespie's DFM, for his actions with 61 Squadron, was not gazetted until July 1945. ...more info

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