Albert Burns - Fire Chief Shamrock Texas

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This photo is of Albert Burns, Fire Chief of the Shamrock Texas Fire Department taken in Shamrock Texas around the late 20's or early 30's.

This is a picture of my dear husbands grandpa. He never told what his parents names were or if he had siblings. A fishing license from California was found, but he says he was from Missouri originally and left home very early on. He wound up in Texas and married Delphia Lucille Cole and had 6 children,1 boy and 5 girls.

I hope someone might know exactly who is really was and where he came from. He passed away Nov. 5th,1957 and was supposedly born March 18th,1898.
at Shamrock Fire Department, Shamrock, Texas


Ann Vanweelden Dear Sara,
The closest I can come is an Albert Leroy Burns in the 1930 US census; born about 1897 and married to Leila G., but had a daughter, Lucille. Other kids included Albert, Jr., Ethell, and Ray Spenser. There is a WWI draft registration card, but difficult to read, issued in Coleman, Texas. Can find nothing on him in Shamrock, Wheeler County.

document on-line Albert's death. If you know where he died you probably can get a death certificate providing lots more.
If you could get his SSN it can be checked on the internet to perhaps obtain more information. If I come across anything else, I'll keep you in mind.
Jan 28, 2005 · Reply
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