Albrekt Lundquist & Esther Lindholm, Sweden

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Wedding picture of Albrekt Lundquist and wife Esther Linhholm. Taken in Nassjo, Sweden. Many pictures of this family I found in an antique shop in the Central Valley of California.

Mystery: Why are these family's photo's in an antique shop in CA?
at Deermann Photography, Nassjo, Sweden


Lisa Lundquist Doty The man in this picture is not Albrekt Lundquist. Albrekt Lundquist married Agda Anderson in Sweden.
Aug 13, 2012 · Reply
Cheryl Dieter Actually, I re-read the back of the picture and it says Albrekt Lundquist and wife-Esther Lindhom's( Cousin)
Aug 13, 2012 · Reply
Lisa Lundquist Doty Interesting. The woman in the photo is not Adga and as far as I know, Grandpa only married once. I have asked a couple of older cousins to look at this and see if they can figure out who the woman is. Is there a date by any chance?
Aug 14, 2012 · Reply
Lisa Lundquist Doty Can you send me a copy of this photo? My family is still trying to determine who Esther Lindholm is.
Aug 24, 2013 · Reply
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