Alex and Lucinda Bowling(?) c.1920's Mcfadden family photo
P Tuttle

Alex and Lucinda Bowling(?) c.1920's

This is the same photo I added to this website in 2003 but this copy has more people in it. I was told that the older couple in the center of the front row is Alex and Lucinda (McFadden) Bowling. The photo was taken about 1920. The person who gave this to me said that the man sitting beside Alex isGeorge Beckham Humfleet and the woman sitting next to Lucinda is Barbara Humfleet. This was taken in probably in either Laurel County or Clay County, Kentucky. I'm not sure if this is a photo of Alex and Lucinda (McFadden) Bowling or George and Barbara (Bowling) Humfleet. ... show more

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