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Born 13 Dec 1859, Skaraborgs län, Sweden
Raglanda, Amneharad
Gender Male
Died Feb 1900 Pike Creek Twp, Morrison County, Minnesota
Lived next door to the Erik Petersons in the 1895 state census.

“Killed at the brickyard crossing” in Little Falls, Minnesota, in the winter of 1899-1900. He was hit by a train while hauling cut trees.

He may have immigrated in 1880 but we know that Anna Charlotta came to the U.S. in 1882. For some reason they returned to Sweden and came back again in 1886. Their daughter, Astrid (Esther), was born in Sweden and celebrated her first birthday on the boat on the return to NY in July of 1886. They lived in Troy NY until 1891 or so and then moved to Little Falls, Minnesota. Alfred died in 1900 and left Anna with 8 kids; the oldest being 18. The youngest child was born after Alfred died, in June of 1900. She died when she was about 3. Her name was Olive.


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