Alfred Henry Roberts & family abt. 1919 Roberts family photo
Laura Harper-Hurst

Alfred Henry Roberts & family abt. 1919

This is a photo of Alfred (Henry) Roberts and his first wife. The little girl was in a fatal auto accident shortly after this photo (within 2 yrs?), then in 1921 there was a little boy born to this couple....(A. H. ROBERTS Jr., I believe). Their grief stricken lives parted their marriage and Henry moved on and remarried. Does ANYONE know of this little family? ... show more

The Mystery

What is the name of the woman and little girl in this photo. She was married to Alfred Henry ROBERTS and they had two children. What was the little girls name? Where did they live? He was born in Lodi, CA....and his second marriage had two more children, born in WA.

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This a photo of my father, and I do not know the name of his first wife and little girl in the picture. I would like to find out any information available about my father and our ancestry. Etta (Roberts) Lisifka [contact link]
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Photo taken at USA on