Alice Gooley and John Mansell Illinois 1930

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Alice Gooley Mansell with her husband John Mansell sitting in their backyard on Lowe Ave., Chicago, IL. They were my grandparents but I never met them. They both died before I was born. My grandpa was a butcher and he was originally from Toronto, Canada.
at Lowe Avenue, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois USA


Pam Marks Love this photo, especially the hat and the grin on your grandmother's face. Sorry you didn't know them! I have a grandmother and grandfather that I never knew, also...having photos and stories about them helps, but..there's still a longing to have met them. thanks for sharing your photo!
Sep 02, 2011 · Reply
Jane Petz I am glad you enjoyed the photo. I just wish the photo had been dated!!
Sep 02, 2011 · Reply
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