Alice  Thayer Thayer family photo
Diane Unknown

Alice Thayer

Photo found in antique shop. Not my family line. Back of picture is written: To Aunt Nellie from Alice. 1917
Alice Thayer - Susie's daughter.

after a little research, I think Alice may be the daughter of William A. and Susan Thayer. They were listed as living in Essex Co., New York in 1900 and1910. ... show more

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Alice E. Thayer was born June 1895 of Syracuse, Onondaga, NY, the daughter of William A. (Elijah 8, Apollis 7, Paul 6, Jonathan 5-4-3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1) THAYER and Sussan L. ______
Feb 16, 2011 5:01 pm reply
Photo taken at USA