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Glenda Madden

Alvin Bettes family

A photo of Alvin Bettes and family

About Alvin Bettes

Uncle Alvin was a well-respected saddle-maker in Amarillo, TX. He made a belt for my father, his nephew, that was fairly elaborately designed and, of course, with his name on the back of it. Unfortunately, "Alvie" didn't realize dad's girth was much larger than he remembered. Dad never could wear the belt, but he found it handy when disciplining my brothers. ...more info

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The above photo is of Alvin, his siblings, parents, and wife, Jettie. Alvin is the taller boy in the bow tie and jacket. The others in the photo are: (top) Bessie Irene Bettes [Madden], Jettie Elkins Bettes, Alvin Lee Bettes, Lee Willie Bettes; (bottom) Martha Ann Fain Bettes, Josie Mae Bettes [Smith], Joseph James Bettes.
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Alvin Bettes family

Alvin Bettes

Born: May 18, 1880
Died: September 1969 (age 89)