Amalia Ullrich family at home, 1918 Ullrich family photo
Janice Frahm

Amalia Ullrich family at home, 1918

Amalia Lau Schnellbacher Ullrich with 3 sons and daughter-in-law. Names known in this photo: Amalia Margaret Lau Schnellbacher Ullrich, Augusta Amalia (Peters) Schnellbacher, Henry Schnellbacher, Phillip August Peter Ullrich, and John Emil Ullrich.

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Janet Young Being all together and enjoying each others company along with the food was a tribute to the women who prepared it. It was a way of spending time and connecting to our family and friends who were invited over. My dad in the 1960's insisted on eating his meal on a tray while he watched the news. My mom fussed about it for a while, but that was the way it was from then on except for special days. I wonder if that was the scenario in many other homes.
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