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Eli's grave was marked by the General Henry Dearborn Chapter of the DAR on August 25, 1931. On June 13, 1991, the Eli Skinner Chapter, NSDAR, rededicated his monument in honor of the 100th Anniversary of NSDAR and the 45th Anniversary of this Chapter. At the age of 14 years and 9 months, in the town of Shelburne, Massachusetts, he enlisted for a term of eight months with the Massachusetts state troops. Due to his young age, he was employed as a Fifer. In a few days he and several others from the town that had enlisted set out for Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Boston. On arrival at Cambridge he was assigned to a company under the command of Captain Agrippa Wills in a regiment under the command of Colonel Asa Whitcomb and Lt. Colonel Whitney. Eli Skinner served his 8 month enlistment at Cambridge, and was discharged and returned to Shelburne.
In December 1776 a call was issued for troops to serve for a period of three months. Eli Skinner enlisted for this period, being mustered at Greenfield, Massachusetts on December 26, 1776 in a company commanded by Captain John Wells. From here they marched to Northampton, Massachusetts. Here, Captain Wells’ company was ordered to Fort Ticonderoga, for which they departed on December 27th by way of Chesterfield, Pittsfield, Greenbush, Albany, Fort Anne, Skeensboro and on to Fort Ticonderoga, arriving about January 6, 1777.
On reaching Fort Ticonderoga Captain Wells’ company was attached to Colonel Robinson’s regiment. Here Eli Skinner remained for his three month enlistment performing garrison duty until his three month term expired and he was again discharged and returned to his home in Shelburne.

Eli was my 1st cousin 6 times removed
at Elk Grove Cemetery, Elk Grove Village, Illinois USA


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