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Obituary of Andrew "Andy" Zlatykanicz in 1953. He died in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio. He was born in Muszyna, Poland (Austria-Hungary) in 1885. The son of Peter and Apolonia (Chmielowska) Zlatykanicz. Andy married Maggie Bukowska. His children in this obituary are Andrew Zlatykanicz, Alex Zlatykanicz, Stella Swartz (earlier she was Stella Mulford and later she was Stella Wirsch), Jennie "Jean" Roskewiecz [?] (later she was Jean Hoskins), and Helen Josephine Swartz. Andy's wife died while his children were still growing up. His sister, Frances Grajkoski (also spelled as Graycoski and etc.) decided to help Andy with his children because she didn't have any children of her own.


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