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Angelo C Farace

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Al was my 5th grade teacher in the late 1960s in Cleveland, Ohio. He taught enrichment classes started during the Johnson administration. He was a wonderful teacher. Made us do verbal reports every week on something. We put on plays, did public service TV commercials for the city of Cleveland, all sorts of stuff that made school fun. For once, I wasn't bored. I was 9 or 10 years old in his class and had such a crush on him. Loved his silver hair. I married a man 22 years older than me who could not believe I liked grey hair. I always told him to blame it on my fifth grade teacher, Angelo Farace. Went back to see him when I was older. He looked shorter! But still had that silver hair. I found him in Maple Heights about 10 or 11 years ago (2003?) and called him to tell him he was one of my all-time favorite teachers. Got to love him, he pretended he still knew me after 30+ years. I will never forget him. I became a teacher and try to be as good as he was. Big shoes to fill. He was special. -Dr. Kitty Bickford, Rolla, MO ...more info

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