Anne Catherine Joseph Bruyenne Home, Belgium

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White building on left - old home of Anne Catherine Joseph Bruyenne.
Dear Genealogy Friend,
I have for many years been doing research into the origin and genealogy of my great-grandfather, Jean Baptiste HOUZET, of Tournai, who emigrated to South Africa in 1857 after the Crimean War.

I think I have at last discovered the birthplace and also the likely identity of the father of my great-grandfather Jean Baptiste Houzet who emigrated to South Africa at the close of the Crimean War in 1857 after enlisting with the British-German Legion on the island of Helgoland [just off Hamburg, Germany] in August 1855.

It appears that Jean Baptiste (Junior) was almost certainly born at Rue du Cygne 13, Saint Jacques, Tournai, Belgique:

In the attached photograph this seems to be the narrow white building [no doubt renovated in recent years] on the left from where his father, Jean Baptiste Joseph Houzet, ran a pawnshop before moving to Rue Blandinoise No. 3, nearby.

The following bits of information has been extracted from genealogical records in Belgium and I was wondering whether you have some connection with these surnames as I understand from Geneanet that the name BRUYENNE features in your family tree?

1 - BRUYENNE Anne Catherine Joseph born in Tournai (Saint-Jacques) on June 17, 1791; Living in 1824 at Rue du Cygne 13, Saint Jacques, Tournai. Married in Tournai on December 1, 1824 with :

2 - HOUZÉ Jean Baptiste Joseph born in Tournai (Saint-Jacques) on August 9, 1794. In 1819 working in the "Mont de Piété". (a) Living at Rue des Bouchers 18, Tournai in 1825; (b) Later living at Rue du Cygne 13, Tournai.

3 - HOUZÉ Jean Baptiste born in Tournai on December 29, 1825 (the birth act was written on December 30th, the day after).

4 - HOUZÉ Pierre Joseph born in Tournai in 1792; master cooper in 1819 : working in the "Mont de Piété"; living at Rue des Bouchers 10, Tournai.

5 - BRUYENNE Jacques Antoine Joseph. Died in Tournai on September 11, 1824. Married with :

6 - MASURE Rosalie Joseph. Died in Tournai on February 6, 1808

7 - HOUZÉ Simon Joseph. Married in Tournai on June 16, 1750 with :

8 - DELZENNE Anne Joseph

9 - MALO Jean Baptiste. Married with :

10 - DUMORTIEZ Marie Catherine

Yours sincerely,
c/o Thuys Jacobsz Old Age Centre,
PO Box 1353,
Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal,
at Google Earth photo, Tournai, Belgique County, HANAUT Belgium


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