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My gma, Alice Rouse Lee Flint, loaned me some of her old negatives when I was in Jr High for my photography class. She had a brother named Charlie Rouse who wrote the book, "Montana Bull Whacker" in the 60s. I believe this is Alice standing behind the car on the right of the photo. The negative was too large for the carrier so the photo is in two parts. I would like to find Gma's family again. Her gson and I grew up together in the summers.

Mystery: Can anyone lead me to the Rouse family of Charlo in the early 1900s? I'd also like to locate the grandchildren of gma, Alice Rouse Lee Flint. She had two sons in her first marriage and a grandson named Bradley whom I'd love to see again. Can anyone lead me to my cousin?
at Rouse, Charlo, Montana


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