another unidentified from grandmothers album Eagle family photo
Nell Lamantia

another unidentified from grandmothers album

This is another unidentified from my grandmother's album but MAY be Theodocia (Docie) Eagle Tompkins (1867-1943) with her daughter Mary Jane (1892-1978)

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Hello Nell,

I discovered a photo that you posted on Ancient Faces and it is a lovely one. You mention that it is unknown but may be Theodocia Eagle Thompkins and her daughter. I am an artist living in Seattle and I would very much like permission to use this as a reference for a watercolor painting. I would be happy to send you a jpg of the finished painting. Please respond didrectly to my email as I don't always get return answers using the AF account (they are looking into that for me). I have put my email and website addresses below. Thank you so much for your consideration.
Mareth Warren
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Aug 31, 2008 7:44 pm reply
Photo taken at USA on