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Jackson Wuzer Though difficult to make out here, this is the headstone of Anson Hubble Fairchild, our ancestor in the Leurenkill Cemetery of a Ellenville NY. Prior to becoming Ellenville, the Fairchild's of Connecticut purchased a 30000 acre parcel of land in the Town of Rochester, Ulster County they named Fairchild City, where it is told, a lost group of Conquistadors thought the spring they discovered was the fabled Fountain of Youth. They dug into the Mountain to the springs source. Subsequent historians visiting the region found telltale signs of a small Spanish settlement. Later the Delaware Hudson canal would come straight through the town, but by this time, Alpheus Fairchild, Oliver Fairchild's son, had pick up and left the area leaving behind the graves of his wife Lois, and parents, Sarah and Oliver who lived to be 97 years old.
The Fairchild family has been traced by direct lineage to the rule of Elizabeth I, where they jnterested with the DeVere Earls of Oxford, and further still to Saint Louis IX, Roi de France.
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