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This scan of an 1850's Dagguereotype shows an incredibly beautiful young woman, early twenties perhaps, obviously married (ring on left hand) sitting next to a skirted table and sitting upon a Gothic side chair and holding another Daguerreotype of her husband (?)also in her left hand. Her clothes date to 1850-1855. Embossed in the right hand diagonal corner is the name "CHRISTOFLE". Perhaps the photographer or the studio? Surely someone out there recognizes this extraordinary beauty from other photos!

Mystery: I came across this Daguerreotype and just fell in love with her exceptional beauty, and have no clues as to the identity of the woman, the location or the dates for sure. But from her appearance and dress, and the fact that it was such an early photograph, she must have been a woman of means or importance. Hopefully the name Christofle with present a clue to someone, and the mystery will be solved!


Jeannie Lonergan yes I agree...this is an enchanting photo of a beautiful young lady. I wish I knew and could tell you... Good Luck!
Jan 27, 2005 · Reply
Cher Haile I have been told that she is in black mourning dress, and holding the photo of her deceased husband, probably lost in battle - perhaps early Civil War.
Apr 05, 2011 · Reply
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