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Left: Unknown young woman in white shirtwaist, style 1910-20, wearing wedding ring, standing on front porch, date unknown.
Right: My mother-in-law, now 83, who has strikingly similar features.


My wife’s mother (photo at right) first learned that she was adopted only when she was 81! Her mother may be the unidentified woman in the photo (above, left) held by her adoptive parents. ‘Cousins’ sworn to secrecy as children finally told her and provided her birth certificate and adoption papers.

Can anyone identify this woman who may be a “MARIA JENSEN,” possibly born in the small Danish settlement of Nystad, Nebraska 1890-1900. On Nov. 3, 1919, a woman identifying herself as Maria Jensen / Maria Jensen Holt gave birth to a daughter at a Chicago hospital. She gave the father’s name as CLAUDE HOLT (or ‘Halt’). The child was left with nurse MARTHA M. JENSEN, from Nystad who arranged an adoption. The child’s adoptive parents later moved to Hollywood, California: the nurse moved to Pasadena.

Speculation: “Maria Jensen” might have been a sister to nurse Martha Jensen, either Armina Jensen (DOB 1883) or, more likely, Elvena Jensen, later Elvena J. Nicol (DOB 1888, who would have been 32.) Or she may have been a cousin.
Signatures of ‘Maria Jensen” and Martha Jensen on the birth certificate are completely different, hence, we feel they are two individuals.

We believe that birth mother “MARIA (JENSEN) HOLT” (?) is no longer living but may have had other children. We’d like to know more about her life, locate half-siblings, if any, and locate her grave.

The grave of a Claude L. Holt is in the Oakwoods Cemetery in the Chicago area. He was 60 years old and divorced when he died in 1920. Occupation: streetcar conductor. We do not know if this was the same Holt listed on the birth certificate, but are looking for his obituary.
in Chicago, Illinois USA


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