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Arthur Allen MOORE Jr., was born July 31, 1919 in Joplin, Missouri and died December 13, 1994 in Bakersfield, Kern County, California. He married Constance "Connie" Aline BRYANT April 18, 1943 in Taft , Kern County, California. She was born April 6, 1921 in Paragould, Greene County, Arkansas and died in Bakersfield, Kern County, California, daughter of Thomas Franklin BRYANT and Valrey Iness PARISH.
Other events in the life of Arthur Allen MOORE Jr.
Burial : Greenlawn Cemetery, Bakersfield, CA
Military : U.S. Army 1940 - Discharged due to poor vision.
Employed : Richfield Oil Corporation, Bakersfield, CA -- 18 years
Health : Never drove a car due to retinitis pigmentosa.
Religion : Bakersfield First Church of the Nazarene
Fact 1 : Listed on 1971 Creek Indian Census #10686
Social Security Number : 545-18-6573

Other events in the life of Constance "Connie" Aline BRYANT
Religion : Members: Bakersfield 1st Church of the Nazarene
Occupation : Worked 18 years at Brock's Dept Store in Bakersfield.

Children of Arthur Allen MOORE Jr. and Constance "Connie" Aline BRYANT:
1. Arthur "Art" Allen MOORE III was born March 4, 1947 in Oildale (Bakersfield), Kern County, California USA (Children: Cinda, Keith, Ryan)
2. Norma Louise MOORE UNFRIED was born February 11, 1951 in Bakersfield, Kern County, California. (Children: Josh, Jermiah)
at 201 Beech Street, Bakersfield, CA


Viola Upchurch How interesting. My father too was discharged due to health reasons and also worked for Atlantic Richfield. My parents married in 1944 and lived in Fullerton. CA. til the merge with Sinclair. Then to Chicago.
He died in [external link]:Wallace Fleming Tabor. My mom Dorthy Janet Grant had a Grandmother with the maiden name Bryant. That's as far as I can get with her.
Oct 21, 2004 · Reply
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