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I have two photos of this little sweetie. One clearly says Erma Peel on the back. However the other is written in more old-fashioned handwriting and is less clear. It could say Erma Peel or Euna Peel, or possibly, though less likely, Enna Peel. I wanted to mention these because it's always possible that the person who wrote the more modern writing on the back of the first photo copied it from what they thought the older writing said.

No locations or photographers are identified. This is the only information I have specifically about this photo.

I purchased this in a huge lot of photos from Ebay. They have no traceable history as the seller got them from someone who checks the dumpsters behind estate sales around several states in the midwest! I can only list what is on the individual photos themselves as they all came from different places. That's why I'm posting as many photos as I can, so any more of their history isn't lost. I would be interested to know if they help any family researchers though.


Cassandra Lloyd Thank you so much to take the time to do this.Im just starting to search out my family history and have even bought a couple articles of ebay!Could you possibly send me this pic and any others you might have.My email addy is [contact link] Thank you very much.Have a great day!Cassie
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Natalia Unknown I replied to Cassie privately.
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