Baby In A Casket Sprague family photo
L.Renee Tatham-Salomone

Baby In A Casket

The picture shows Alverta Violet Sprague in a casket. It says "Our Darling" on the top of the casket. It's probably from Ohio or Michigan.

The Mystery

In my grandmother's, Annie Laura Faye (Allen) Sprague who married Robert Sprague, bible shows a photo of Alverta Violet Sprague. I don't know another information!

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Cindy Sue Alvetia Violet Sprague was born on November 30, 1916 at
2910 Albion St., Toledo, Ohio & died March 7, 1917. The parents name on the death certificate are Alira Sprague & Alice Johnson. She is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Lucas County, Ohio. Robert & Laura Fay are married July 3, 1907 in Ohio. Perhaps this was their niece? cindy sue
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Photo taken at USA
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