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The picture shows Alverta Violet Sprague in a casket. It says "Our Darling" on the top of the casket. It's probably from Ohio or Michigan.

Mystery: In my grandmother's, Annie Laura Faye (Allen) Sprague who married Robert Sprague, bible shows a photo of Alverta Violet Sprague. I don't know another information!
in USA


Cindy Sue Alvetia Violet Sprague was born on November 30, 1916 at
2910 Albion St., Toledo, Ohio & died March 7, 1917. The parents name on the death certificate are Alira Sprague & Alice Johnson. She is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Lucas County, Ohio. Robert & Laura Fay are married July 3, 1907 in Ohio. Perhaps this was their niece? cindy sue
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