Backus Bachuss Bachus in Missouri faces only Backus family photo
Beatrice Henry

Backus Bachuss Bachus in Missouri faces only

Fom my mothers picture box : John Backus in Missouri written on back and that is all we know about it..don't know if it her Dad John Laurence Bachuss b 1890 in Hardin County Ms. or a John Backus that lived in Mo and sent it down to Tishomingo County Ms..

picture appears to be two which were cut and put on postcard and then picture taken. I understand the postcard pictures were popular at one time..this one has no address.

If you recognize any of the people, please contact me..
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The Mystery

Who are these people in the picture found in my 93 year old Mother's picture box?

Is one of them her Dad John Bachuss and taken when visiting kinfolks in Missouri that we don't know we have?

Or was it a picture of a John Backus that lived in Missouri and sent to kinfolks in Hardin County Tennessee or Tishomingo County Mississippi ?

Please contact me if you know them or have a picture like it..this is a cropped picture and I have the original uncropped but it is too big for the site and I will work on trying to reduce it down...Thanks

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Photo taken at Missouri, USA