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Barrineau Family Thanksgiving, Pennsylvania 1955 or 1956:

Far back of the table: Herbert Benjamin Barrineau. On his left (your right) : Robert Charles Barrineau (1934-2008), Frank Paul Sr. (deceased), Deloris Loraine Barrineau, Paul Vandergift Faust, Gertrude Barrineau Kornegay Jones, Irene Barrineau Riess, Rose Marie Fujie Barrineau Immerfall, Mary Agnes Martin (Marcinic) Barrineau, on her lap Linda Lee Paul.

On his right: Aunt Helen from Czechoslovakia (Her husband is taking the pics), Richard Eugene Barrineau, Millard Fillmore (Mickey) Barrineau, Gerald Thomas (Jerry) Barrineau, Mary Annebella (Me) Barrineau Lynch, Frank (Lil Franky) Paul.
There are two(2) family members missing and they are: Herbert Benjamin Barrineau Jr. (1932-1974) and James Barrineau (was in the Korean War at that time)
at Home onhen Dalphen St. , , Philidelphia, Pennsylvania USA


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