Baseball Team & Babe Ruth, New Jersey

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Photo was taken in New Jersey, probably around 1925. In the center of the photo is Howard Van Buskirk, dressed in the padded catcher's uniform. At the far left is Babe Ruth. I have no idea how this picture was arranged. I came across the picture in an old album belonging to Howard Van Buskirk.

Mystery: Anyone with additional info about the picture, please feel free to fill in the blanks.


Daniel Pinna This couldn't be Babe Ruth if it was taken in 1890. Babe was born in 1895. It does look like him though! I hope someone is able to recognize the uniforms.
May 08, 2013 · Reply
Mary Vail You are right, Daniel. I went back and checked to see what identifiers I might find. Howard Van Buskirk, the catcher in the picture, was born in 1888 so my original date is way off. The album where the picture resides is completely undated with pics from the late 1800's through about 1920-25. I've looked up some of the swimwear in pictures and have dated some to around 1900. Since they lived on the coast in New Jersey, I can only assume most were taken in New Jersey.
May 27, 2013 · Reply
Melissa Myers This is either a minor league team or else some other team uniform as the Uniforms for the leagues started in 1900 and the pants were as short and the catcher's in this photo.
May 12, 2013 · Reply
Melissa Myers from my research it maybe from a minor league team of Mutual Club of Manhattan.
May 12, 2013 · Reply
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