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On the back of this photo it says Derwood Freese and Bea (Hill) Freese. This photo was found with Orval and Irene (Winslow)Robb's photos but we can not figure out if or how they are related.

Mystery: Do you know these people and are they related to Orval and Irene (Winslow) Robb?


Chelsea Freese Are you related to any freese's? Or do you know any freese's?
Jan 11, 2013 · Reply
Gayl Hill We are not related to any Freese's that I know of. This could of been one of my great Uncle Delmer Stearns photos. I don't know much about the Stearn family. Uncle Del as we called him was married to my Great Aunt Ollie.
Apr 08, 2013 · Reply
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