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This is a memorial for Benjamin W Pickett who was married to Martha Caroline Fannin in Paulding Co GA married in 1850. No one knows where Ben is really buried, my Dad said that it is on Due West Road now close to hwy 92 and someone built a brick ranch house back in 50's over the cemetery.

Malachi and Benjamin owned the land where the Pickett's Mill Battlefield State Historic site is.

Martha Fannin and Benjamin had children in the Paulding Co Heritage book the fannin family wrote that their children were Benjamin Pickett Jr, Malachi, Lorman, William and Mary Ann.
On the Pickett's Mill Web site it says that his children were Malachi 12, Billy 7, Louisa 9, and Mary 3. And by a previous marriage he had three children William G 4, Malachi 9, Louisa 6 and she had just given birth to a girl when Ben was killed at Chickamauga in 1863. So this information is not in agreement.
I think the Pickett Mill information is mostly incorrect as the census says otherwise.And I think that Martha and Ben had been married 10 years and he had never been married before.

Martha then married Ison Sheffield and Andy Highsaw. I do not know what happened to Martha and Ben's children I found where Malachi married a Margaret Russon in Paulding Co GA. I think there was a son Lorman and he died as child.

On the 1860 Paulding Co Census it says Benjamin W Pickett 32 SC, Martha Caroline (Fanny) Fannin Pickett 25 GA, Mal 9 GA, Louisa 6 GA, Wm G 4 GA, Mary 4/12 GA. This is probably correct.

In census 1920 in Burnt Hickory Dist 4D found that Martha C Highsaw Head of household, F W farmer age 87 widow
at New Hope cemetery, Dallas (New Hope GA), Georgia USA


Jay How This is probably correce: 1860 Paulding co ga census Benjamin W Pickett 32 SC, Martha Caroline (Fanny) Fannin Pickett 25 GA, Mal 9 GA, Louisa 6 GA, Wm G. 4 GA, Mary 4/12 GA.
Oct 17, 2007 · Reply
Jay How AN E P Who must be an ancester of Ben W. has in 1860 census Benjamin W and Martha C Fannin Pickett. Married Aug 8, 1850. In 1860 had four children malachi 9, Lorman 6, died 1860/65. William G 4, Mary Frances Pickett 4/12. Married AUG ^< !*%) Ben 22 and martha 18.
Feb 03, 2008 · Reply
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