Bernice M. (Russ) Pilon Luponio Russ family photo
Russ Trudel

Bernice M. (Russ) Pilon Luponio

A photo of Bernice Mildred (Russ) Pilon Luponio, and her great grandson Russ Trudel named Russ in honor of her maiden name.

About Bernice M. (Russ) Pilon Luponio

Bernice was the first woman to get her license in Unionville ,CT. She loved to drive. She married Archibald Edward Pilon and had three children. Edward, Bernard, and Elizabeth Dell Pilon. Her husband Archie passed away, and Bernice married Angelo Luponio later in life.In her later years after Angelo passed away, her son Edward and his wife Caroline took care of her and would visit her with their grandchildren, her great grandchildren. ...more info

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