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Went by the name of Frances-Born:21 Mar.1906 in Willard,Huron Co.Ohio. First husband was Carl Ward McFeters,Chilredn By Carl,1.Alan Eugene McFeters-Born:22 Jan.1929 in Hicksville,Defiance C.Ohio-Died:30 Sep 1952 in car accident.2.Joyce Elaine McFeters-Born:22 Feb.1931 In Hicksville,Defiance Co.Ohio Died: of cancer.3.Sandra Louise McFeters-Born:4 Nov.1940 in Hicksville,Defiance Co.Ohio.2.Husband Phebe?(I don't Know his real name)Betz.1.Children:Delmar Lee Betz.2.Donald Betz.Both deceased and I don't remembet their dates.
at Family House, Hicksville,Defiance Co., Ohio USA


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