Bethany Bible School group young women 1919

Photo Details

"Rabbit feed a Misses Blockers. Bithany Bible School. 1919. Jan." (I interpret that as "rabbit feed at Mrs. Blockers. Bethany......" but of course I could be wrong) I guess they must have had salad for their lunch! It is a real photo postcard with the name Miss Maggie A Nelson in the address spot. I have a lot of these where the photo's id is put in that spot too, so it could also be the name of the person who wrote the caption, who is probably somewhere in the photo. Could also be a close friend or relative of that person.

Mystery: As above! Would be delighted to hear more if you know more. Perhaps the Bible School has old records. Or it could just be a local "Bible Class" in which case there may be no records"


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