Bill Consolacion and Tony Llanos Llanos family photo
Tony Hftp Llanos

Bill Consolacion and Tony Llanos

Bill and I disagree on particular issues.

About William Marcus Consolacion

Bill was a long time San Francisco Giants fan and a Niner Faithful. He loved to root for the Giants and 49ers. And travelled many miles to watch his beloved teams. Bill loved to visit Las Vegas whenever he had the chance. And enjoyed friends in Phoenix and Los Angeles. Bill's hobbies included collecting baseball cards, Hard Rock and Disney Pins, and watching sports. Bill was a loyal friend and assistant to the late Reverend Martin C. Avila, formerly of the Church of the Visitacion in San Francisco. Bill attended Sacred Heart College Preparatory in San Francisco where he played football. Mike Holmgren, former head coach of the Green Bay Packers, was a coach there and spoke fondly of Coach Holmgren. Bill worked for Raychem and Tyco companies in Menlo Park. His sense of humor and passion for his San Francisco pro sports team will live on forever. Bill had a big heart and we will never forget his friendship and generousity. ...more info

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Bill Consolacion and Tony Llanos

William Marcus Consolacion

Born: Dec 27, 1957
Died: Sep 8, 2010 (age 52)
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