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fThis was sent to me by a friend asking for identification. "Bill Street's Children" is written on the back of the picture. The child on the right looks like my mother, Nelia Belle Street, born 5/21/1923. The baby in the middle has the look of a "Street" baby, but does not look like my mother's next younger sibling Sadie. The child on the left does not remind me of any of the family. Can anyone help me identify these children? Are these the children of William aka Will or Bill Wyatt Street and Permelia aka Amelia or Meally Vaughn Street? Is the child on the left male or female? It seems I've seen this picture, and that I was told the child on the left is a cousin, but I can't locate a copy of the picture. Can any one help?

Mystery: Who are the children in this picture?
at Street, Manchester, Coffee County, Tennessee USA


Sharon Chatterton Children have been identified. The child on the left sitting up higher is Louise Porch, whose mother married Nelia Belle Street's maternal grandfather, Joe Sephus Vaughn. The baby in the Middle is Sadie Adell Street 6th child of William Wyatt Street and Peramelia Vaughn. The child on the right is Nelia Belle Street, Wm. and Peramelia's 5th child. Mystery solved!
Oct 10, 2014 · Reply
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