Billie, Veni and Taylor Walden Walden family photo
Mark Hadlund

Billie, Veni and Taylor Walden

Three of Jesse Wallen's and Emily Willaimson's children. The person who sent this photo said it dates circa 1880, but Taylor looks older than 11 so it might have been taken at a later date.

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Title of this photo is
"Billie, Veni and Taylor WALDEN". Description reads three children of Jesse WALLEN? Is WALDEN listed in acceptable variants of WALLEN,WALLIN Are these people of same family? Thank you.
Feb 02, 2004 11:24 am reply
Photo taken on
Billie, Veni and Taylor Walden

Willaim Walden

Born: 1862
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Willaim Walden at 18 years old  ·  Paraseda L Walden at 23 years old  ·  Andrew Walden at 11 years old