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Bing Crosby, the most wonderful crooner of all time, with his signature pipe. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without hearing "White Christmas" sung by Bing.

He was born Harry Lillis Crosby in May of 1903 (the same month and year as Bob Hope)in Tacoma Washington - certainly Tacoma's most famous son! Seeing Al Jolson on stage in Spokane when Bing was just 14 inspired him to become a performer. When he was 23, Paul Whiteman hired him as a boy singer . . . and the rest is history.

He starred in movies, radio, and television. When I was a child (and into early adulthood), Bing's Christmas show on tv (which included his family) was the highlight of the season.

Bing also started the "Crosby Clambake", a golf tournament at Pebble Beach, in 1937. He was an avid golfer and he died in 1977 after playing a round of golf in Spain.
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